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In addition to POWER STRUGGLE, Robbie is available to present a 40-year retrospective screening of his previous documentaries chronicling grassroots social change activism and creative uses of nonviolence since the mid-1970s.


On college campuses, Leppzer challenges audiences to think critically and uses his documentaries to spark discussions about media, culture, and contemporary social and political issues. He will lead discussions after the screening of his films highlighting the importance of grassroots citizen activism in a participatory democracy. He will also critique mainstream media coverage of grassroots movements and underscore the importance of independent media. In addition, he will talk about social change in the context of an expanding worldwide movement for global environmental and social justice.


In addition to presenting large venue speaking and screening programs, Leppzer is also available to spend one or several whole days on a college campus to visit classrooms and present a multi-part retrospective screening program featuring selections from his documentaries chronicling social change movements over the past four decades.


For more information: 

•  Download Turning Tide Films Catalog (includes info on speaking programs and previous films by Robbie Leppzer) - PDF


Speaker Reviews

“Robbie Leppzer was extraordinarily well-received in his appearance in my classroom. Not surprising for such an outstanding documentary filmmaker, Leppzer is a natural teacher, both in terms of his presentation, as well as in his ability to ask the kinds of questions that can bring students into the learning process through engaged discussion. He was able to meld his personal stories with informed analysis that raised awareness of both the process of filmmaking and the subjects explored in the films themselves.”

– Stephen Zunes, Ph.D., Professor of Politics, University of San Francisco


“After the screening, Leppzer skillfully elicited an usually lively and prolonged discussion. In a perceptive way, he built on the students’ knowledge and differing opinions to arrive at insights about media, democracy, and social change. His presentation was so successful that it remained a topic of conversation for the next several weeks.”

– Carlos Fontes, Ph.D., Professor of Communications Worcester State College


“Robbie Leppzer has an engaging presence. His enthusiasm for the subject of film and the social consciousness it can express is infectious. He is high on our list of repeat performances next year.”

– Rembert Briggs, English Teacher, Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School, Hyde Park, NY


“Robbie Leppzer is a seasoned filmmaker who helps elicit from viewers their own response to his films. Leppzer’s documentaries, along with his personal presence as a speaker, are definitely conversation starters that continue long after his visit.”

– Michael Duffey, Professor of Theology, Marquette University









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