POWER STRUGGLE is now airing nationally on Free Speech TV (FSTV), which is available on DISH Channel 9415, DirecTV Channel 348, and live streaming on Sling TV, Roku, Apple TV, and at


“Free Speech TV is thrilled to host the nationwide broadcast of POWER STRUGGLE, and is excited to help spark a series of conversations about the importance of citizen activism, the risks involved in nuclear energy, and how to find a just, sustainable, and safe solution for green energy going forward,” said Nina Henderson Moore, FSTV’s Chief Content Officer.


Upcoming broadcasts of POWER STRUGGLE on FSTV:

​Introduction By Filmmaker Robbie Leppzer on Free Speech TV

POWER STRUGGLE is also airing nationally on Link TV, which is available on DISH Channel 9410 and DirecTV Channel 375. For more information:

POWER STRUGGLE is also airing in Vermont on Vermont PBS.  For more information:



As a way to take a deeper look into the dimensions of the nuclear issue on a national level that were touched on in POWER STRUGGLE, Free Speech TV asked filmmaker

Robbie Leppzer to produce and moderate a four-part online web series called

POWER STRUGGLE CONTINUES, originally aired on Facebook Live in May 2019, which examines topics about nuclear power and questions of environmental justice.


In this series, Robbie Leppzer speaks with national nuclear safety watchdogs, grassroots activists, and representatives of communities directly impacted by the production of nuclear energy.


Topics include the long-term legacy of nuclear waste, current struggles to oppose the siting of “interim” high-level nuclear waste dumps near Native American and Latino communities in New Mexico and west Texas, the impact of uranium mining on indigenous communities, health and safety threats from nuclear reactors worldwide, the economics of nuclear power, and prospects for a green renewable energy future


For more information about the series and to watch the videos: 




Thom Hartmann Show: Filmmaker Robbie Leppzer Discusses POWER STRUGGLE

POWER STRUGGLE Trailer (2 minutes)

POWER STRUGGLE Excerpt - Bernie Sanders

POWER STRUGGLE Excerpt - Arnie Gundersen

POWER STRUGGLE – Extended Trailer (8 minutes)

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