POWER STRUGGLE is an inspiring film about grassroots environmental activists actually succeeding in shutting down an aging nuclear reactor in Vermont.


Screening POWER STRUGGLE at your school or in your local community can be used as an educational and organizing catalyst to inspire increased citizen awareness about aging nuclear plants and the long-term hazards of highly toxic radioactive waste. 

The film can also help galvanize direct action campaigns about climate change, advocacy for renewable energy, stopping fracking and pipelines, supporting indigenous struggles, and enhanced citizen participation in our democracy.


The screening event will be an opportunity for local activists and advocates to speak at a post-screening discussion panel about the issues affecting your local area and how people can get involved in what your local groups are doing.



Filmmaker Robbie Leppzer is available to speak – in person or via an online video link – at schools or community screenings of POWER STRUGGLE.


Robbie can introduce the film and be available for a Q & A after the screening, or participate in a post-screening discussion panel with local advocates.

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